2018 Race Results

The 2018 Blizzard Run was a record breaking year for us! 

  • We raised $39,528.29! Last year's total was $33,638... we crushed that number! 

  • 819 Runners and Walkers came out! Last year our number was 623.

  • 161 kids came out for the Kids Fun Run! Last year we had 130.

  • 980 total participants in Blizzard Run!

  • Annabel Brice, a 6 year old, raised a total of $2,250 to help save kids! For all her hard work, she won FREE Blizzards for a whole year!

  • 24 local businesses sponsored and partnered with us!

  • We had a safe and great time!

  • Total, so far, DQ has raised $66,139.29 just in 2018 for kids at Penn State Children's Hospital! That's a new record for us!


Race Times for 2018 Blizzard Run

Notice: Due to a technical error from the timing chip company we have outsourced to since the start of Blizzard Run, only the Gun Times are accurate. Chip Times, in the documents below are not correct.

  • Chip times are the measure of when you start the race by crossing the starting line to when you finish by crossing the finish line. These are the numbers where data was lost and they are not correct. 
  • Gun times are the measure of when the race began and when you crossed the finish line. Because of a staggered start, it took all 819 runners about 3 minutes to start the race. These numbers are correct in the documents below. 

This is an issue that we take very seriously for our Blizzard Run participants. Since Blizzard Run last weekend we have been working very closely with the timing chip company we hired hoping to that a solution could be found. They were not able to recover the Chip Times.

Our #1 goal at Blizzard Run is to raise money for kids on the trauma floors at Penn State Children's Hospital. Our #2 goal is to give every runner/walker who came out give you the best experience possible, and an accurate chip time is a critical piece of that. We apologize that the actual chip times are not accurate.

Because of this we have already started the process of looking for a new timing company for next years Blizzard Run. We are interviewing companies with a history of a proven track record and back up methods for instances like this. 

Our goal is to raise as much as we can for kids fighting for their lives. We understand that our Blizzard Run participants see this and believe it with us. But we also want to deliver the best experience possible and watch this race continue to grow. We hope that you will join us again each year to help us raise money for kids, and trust that we will find a timing company with a solution where this doesn't happen again. 

Thank you for your patience & understanding,

- John & Pam Miller, Blizzard Run Founders/Race Directors


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