2017 Race Results

The 2017 Blizzard Run was a record breaking year for us, bringing in over $32,000!  We hope you all enjoyed your experience and we look forward to seeing you again in 2018!


Best Overall - Female

PlaceNameAge GroupOverallChip TimePaceBib
1 Michelle Bollinger 35-40 7 20:33.0 6:36/M 37
2 Katie Meier 30-34 15 22:33.0 7:15/M 352
3 Nicole Cassel 35-40 17 22:41.1 17:17/M 60

Best Overall - Male

PlaceNameAge GroupOverallChip TimePaceBib
1 Christopher Martin 30-34 1 18:54.4 6:05/M 643
2 Derek Harlocher 16 2 19:15.0 6:11/M 208
3 Jacob Franklin 17 3 19:49.2 6:23/M 143

1st in each Age Group

Age GroupNameChip TimePaceOverall PlaceAge Group Size
1st Female 9 and Under Lucyann Kaufhold 31:50.0 10:16/M 170 9
1st Male 9 and Under Wesley Sweitzer 36:01.8 11:37/M 253 13
1st Female 10-14 Emma Sager 23:10.1 7:28/M 20 25
1st Male 10-14 Nathan Kopp 21:48.4 7:02/M 13 32
1st Female 15-19 Emily Sweitzer 23:41.2 7:38/M 26 13
1st Male 15-19 Kieran McKee 20:37.0 6:39/M 9 17
1st Female 20-24 Allyson Lentz 25:28.4 8:13/M 45 17
1st Female 25-29 Monica Padgett 25:41.1 8:17/M 47 46
1st Male 25-29 Kevin Lufkin 20:27.1 6:36/M 6 11
1st Female 30-34 Trista Kreider 25:33.0 8:15/M 46 57
1st Male 30-34 Steven Storm 20:22.0 6:34/M 5 18
1st Female 35-39 Holly Holtzinger 24:23.9 7:52/M 31 68
1st Male 35-39 Bo Campbell 25:59.2 8:23/M 56 16
1st Female 40-44 Kristina Shaffer 27:57.9 9:01/M 83 51
1st Male 40-44 Isaac Fulkerson 20:33.7 6:38/M 8 30
1st Male 45-49 Melissa Sterner 28:13.3 9:06/M 88 39
1st Male 45-49 Matthew Horner 24:34.8 7:55/M 34 18
1st Female 50-54 Ann Gerlitzki 31:30.5 10:10/M 162 21
1st Male 50-54 Steve Kerzel 19:59.1 6:27/M 4 6
1st Female 55-59 Emilie Class 26:50.8 8:39/M 69 25
1st Male 55-59 Scott Kohr 23:37.7 7:37/M 25 8
1st Female 60+ Jill Miller 34:01.0 10:58/M 214 18
1st Male 60+ Albert Kurtz 26:10.1 8:26/M 62 18

All 2017 Participant Race Results

Everyone is sorted by Bib Number.  Within the Place / Age Group category, the first number reflects how you placed within your age group, followed by your gender, followed by your age group. 

Bib NoPlaceNameCityPlace / Age GroupChip TimePace
177Chris AhrensDallastown PA4 M 45-4927:30.78:52/M
2349Kathy AlbrightYork PA15 F 55-5942:30.413:43/M
3201Anthony AllardLewisberry PA8 M 35-3933:20.010:45/M
4194Yvonne AllardLewisberry PA19 F 30-3433:11.110:42/M
6437Alyssa AllenYork PA51 F 30-3451:51.616:44/M
7517Brandon AllenLebanon PA9 M 25-2958:01.418:43/M
8436Rachel AllenYork PA27 F 25-2951:51.416:44/M
9482Debbie AllisonYork PA41 F 40-4455:20.817:51/M
10496Jillian AlthouseDover PA35 F 25-2956:11.318:07/M
11181Martin Amodei JrDover PA15 M 30-3432:31.410:29/M
12112Rebecca ArlineHarrisburg PA9 F 30-3429:31.99:31/M
13213Amy ArvinYork PA10 F 45-4934:00.110:58/M
14555Tammy Aument-MartinLititz PA37 F 45-491:03:59.320:38/M
15328Carlie BairHanover PA4 F 1- 941:16.813:19/M
16311Kevin BairNew Oxford PA16 M 30-3439:02.212:35/M
17348Lori BairHanover PA45 F 35-3942:29.713:42/M
18117Mario BanciYork PA10 M 15-1929:47.39:36/M
1963Troy BaneyMount Wolf PA8 M 40-4426:11.28:27/M
21152Sydney BarclayStewartstown PA6 F 10-1431:18.210:06/M
23578Michael BattoGettysburg PA18 M 30-341:08:59.322:15/M
24442Andy BaumYork PA24 M 40-4452:03.116:47/M
25438Erica BaumYork PA17 F 10-1451:54.616:45/M
26283Ethan BaumYork PA14 M 15-1937:39.212:09/M
27292Lara BaumYork PA16 F 45-4937:52.012:13/M
28353Eddie Beck, JrYork PA14 M 35-3942:40.313:46/M
2937Riley BellManchester PA4 F 10-1424:40.27:57/M
3084Rachel BerkebileYork PA4 F 35-3928:01.69:02/M
31276Teri BertholdGreencastle PA18 F 40-4437:25.212:04/M
32219Audrajo BertoletYorkyork PA27 F 35-3934:12.911:02/M
33157Richard BeyersDover PA4 M 25-2931:25.710:08/M
34251April Billet-BarclayStewartstown PA14 F 45-4935:58.411:36/M
35303Janice BishYork PA39 F 30-3438:49.312:31/M
36302Levi BishYork PA4 M 1- 938:49.012:31/M
377Michelle BollingerCarlisle PA1 Top Fin20:33.06:36/M
38376April BoringRed Lion PA6 F 50-5445:20.014:37/M
40521Mary BowenHanover PA13 F 60-9958:09.918:45/M
41487Bethany BrandenburgFrederick MD55 F 30-3455:31.917:55/M
42140Jami BrandtManheim PA15 F 30-3430:39.69:53/M
43362Sue BrennerManchester PA3 F 60-9943:34.514:03/M
44240Connor BrodbeckYork PA21 M 10-1435:14.811:22/M
45243Debbie BrodbeckYork PA31 F 35-3935:18.611:23/M
46226Hayden BrodbeckYork PA18 M 10-1434:32.111:08/M
47208Spencer BrodbeckYork PA12 M 15-1933:44.910:53/M
48368Amber BrownNew Oxford PA48 F 35-3944:04.014:13/M
4974Leigh BrownHarrisburg PA2 F 35-3927:00.98:43/M
52205Melissa BruckYork PA12 F 40-4433:37.410:51/M
54297Todd BurroughsYoe PA13 M 45-4938:28.612:25/M
5556Bo CampbellColumbia PA1 M 35-3925:59.28:23/M
56446Christian CarlisleYork PA16 M 45-4952:07.316:49/M
57244Hannah CarlisleYork PA8 F 10-1435:19.611:24/M
58445Kathy CarlisleYork PA31 F 45-4952:06.216:48/M
59427Laurie CarnovaleYork PA27 F 45-4950:21.516:15/M
6017Nicole CasselHarrisburg PA3 Top Fin22:41.17:17/M
61211Jules CelichNew Oxford PA11 F 25-2933:59.710:58/M
6369Emilie ClassFreeland MD1 F 55-5926:50.88:39/M
64489Hailey CobleYork PA20 F 10-1455:35.117:56/M
65490Sherri CobleYork PA61 F 35-3955:35.617:56/M
66281Caitlyn ComreyDillsburg PA6 F 20-2437:37.212:08/M
6753Whitney ConnollyHarrisburg PA2 F 25-2925:50.78:20/M
68390Mark ConwayAllentown PA14 M 45-4946:49.615:06/M
6942Sean ConwayMount Wolf PA4 M 40-4425:08.08:06/M
70161Valerie ConwayMount Wolf PA17 F 35-3931:28.610:09/M
71225Kimberly CramerWrightsville PA12 F 45-4934:29.411:07/M
73465Daniel CroneYork PA25 M 40-4454:17.917:31/M
74540Diana CroneYork PA23 F 10-141:00:28.819:30/M
75532Jacub CroneYork PA11 M 1- 959:55.719:20/M
76466Matthew CroneYork PA7 M 1- 954:19.217:31/M
77549Vernon CroneYork PA15 M 60-991:01:58.919:59/M
78500Benjamin CrossYork PA9 M 1- 956:49.418:20/M
79257Caseem CrossYork PA22 M 10-1436:06.811:39/M
80325Julie CrossYork PA10 F 20-2439:58.612:54/M
81504Stephanie CrossYork PA36 F 25-2957:24.518:31/M
8251Emily CrouthamelYork PA5 F 10-1425:45.08:18/M
83381Jaden CullenLebanon PA6 M 1- 945:31.814:41/M
84352Jordan CullenLebanon PA5 M 1- 942:40.113:46/M
85382Julie CullenLebanon PA51 F 35-3945:32.014:41/M
86153Matthew CullenLebanon PA12 M 10-1431:19.110:06/M
87178Aaron DaltonYork PA17 M 40-4432:19.110:25/M
88104Tatiana DaltonYork PA7 F 35-3929:16.59:26/M
89245Matthew DarrYork PA18 M 40-4435:29.311:27/M
90511Alexandra DatesmanMount Wolf PA21 F 10-1457:34.418:34/M
91513Isabella DatesmanMount Wolf PA22 F 10-1457:40.418:36/M
92506Jason DatesmanMount Wolf PA27 M 40-4457:25.518:31/M
93505Sandra DatesmanMount Wolf PA44 F 40-4457:25.018:31/M
94544Breanna DausingerShrewsbury PA17 F 20-241:01:23.219:48/M
96323Dawn DavidsonWillow Street PA18 F 45-4939:41.512:48/M
97373Karin DaviesYork PA50 F 35-3945:04.414:32/M
98167Dakota DavisYork PA14 M 10-1431:39.010:13/M
99523James DavisYork PA10 M 25-2958:12.218:46/M
100122John DavisYork PA5 M 45-4930:03.69:42/M
101522Rachel DavisYork PA39 F 25-2958:11.718:46/M
102491Sundra DavisYork PA24 F 55-5955:40.517:57/M
10385Ryan DeardorffDover PA9 M 30-3428:05.89:04/M
104164Lacy DellerDallastown PA18 F 35-3931:34.810:11/M
105410Bonnie DensbyYork PA31 F 40-4449:16.315:54/M
106579Natalie DentlerYork PA57 F 30-341:10:39.222:47/M
107233Nikki DicksonYork PA23 F 30-3435:00.111:17/M
108396Valerie DiehlYork PA11 F 50-5447:16.915:15/M
109346Michele DingerRed Lion PA24 F 40-4442:12.913:37/M
110223Amanda DipaulaYork PA8 F 15-1934:24.511:06/M
112556Theresa DipaulaYork PA38 F 45-491:03:59.920:38/M
113458Hannah DonagherRed Lion PA12 F 15-1953:34.817:17/M
115193Jeff DunlapYork PA10 M 45-4933:03.110:40/M
116197Jennifer DunlapYork PA24 F 35-3933:16.410:44/M
117315Missy EberlyDallastown PA17 F 45-4939:11.912:38/M
118237Samantha EckYork PA25 F 30-3435:07.311:20/M
119374Leah EckertYorkyork PA23 F 45-4945:05.114:33/M
120217Vicki EisenhourDover PA8 F 55-5934:07.111:00/M
121345Barry ElderLititz PA8 M 55-5942:12.813:37/M
12238Todd ElickerStewartstown PA5 M 30-3424:51.58:01/M
123326Amber ElineHanover PA11 F 20-2440:26.413:03/M
12494Stephanie ElineYork PA5 F 25-2928:49.59:18/M
125507Danielle EmigYork PA37 F 25-2957:25.618:31/M
126202Matthew EmigDover PA9 M 35-3933:23.110:46/M
127508Scott EmigYork PA8 M 25-2957:26.018:32/M
128176Courtney EtterMount Wolf PA8 F 40-4432:16.210:25/M
129572Kelly FaginSeven Valleys PA56 F 30-341:07:49.521:53/M
132528Paul FeeserYork PA13 M 60-9959:14.219:06/M
133386Rhonda FeeserYork PA16 F 55-5945:50.614:47/M
134312Rochelle FetrowYork PA11 F 55-5939:05.012:36/M
135443Christine FikeDover PA30 F 45-4952:04.216:48/M
13812James FischerYork PA3 M 15-1921:23.86:54/M
139515Kelsey FisselYork PA15 F 20-2457:54.618:41/M
14029Kya FordYork PA2 F 15-1924:13.77:49/M
141305Jamie ForrySeven Valleys PA40 F 35-3938:51.612:32/M
142525Lori FrailerYork PA19 F 50-5458:40.118:55/M
1433Jacob FranklinYork PA3 Top Fin19:49.26:23/M
144156Ashley FrearsonFort Washington PA7 F 40-4431:22.810:07/M
145215Layne FrearsonFort Washington PA7 F 15-1934:01.110:58/M
146282Ashley FreedNew Oxford PA18 F 25-2937:38.812:08/M
14754Kevin FreedNew Oxford PA2 M 25-2925:51.18:20/M
148564Andrew FreyYork PA32 M 10-141:05:10.321:01/M
149514John FreyYork PA28 M 40-4457:40.918:36/M
150561Kristin FreyYork PA50 F 40-441:05:08.521:01/M
151565Meghan FreyYork PA25 F 10-141:05:12.621:02/M
152188Steph FreyYork PA7 F 45-4932:51.210:36/M
153218Heather FrigmDover PA22 F 30-3434:08.611:01/M
154363Cyrus FryarYork PA25 M 10-1443:34.914:03/M
155366Vicki FryarYork PA28 F 40-4443:59.414:11/M
156185Jonathan FuhrmanYork PA7 M 35-3932:38.910:32/M
157141Emily FulkersonWestminster MD15 F 35-3930:43.49:55/M
1588Isaac FulkersonWestminster MD1 M 40-4420:33.76:38/M
159155Marisa FulmerMount Joy PA9 F 25-2931:21.010:07/M
160169Jeremy FunkMechanicsburg PA16 M 40-4431:47.210:15/M
161520Shannon FuriaGlenolden PA16 F 20-2458:08.118:45/M
162163Bill GalinatoYork PA5 M 60-9931:32.710:10/M
163222Tracy GallowayMechanicsburg PA12 F 25-2934:24.111:06/M
164380Claire GarvinYork PA10 F 15-1945:26.114:39/M
165379Kate GarvinYork PA25 F 25-2945:26.014:39/M
166344Abigail GehringYork PA13 F 10-1442:11.213:36/M
167347Michele GehringYork PA25 F 40-4442:23.513:40/M
168365Marie GenuaSchwenksville PA47 F 35-3943:49.114:08/M
169530Carson GeraEnola PA10 M 1- 959:21.719:09/M
170531Courtney GeraEnola PA67 F 35-3959:21.819:09/M
171547Rachel GeraEnola PA9 F 1- 91:01:50.919:57/M
172162Ann GerlitzkiAspers PA1 F 50-5431:30.510:10/M
17378Charlie GerowHarrisburg PA3 M 60-9927:35.38:54/M
174411Diane GettysYork PA24 F 45-4949:17.915:54/M
175435Matthew GettysYork PA28 M 10-1451:29.216:36/M
177247Scott GladfelterYork PA6 M 25-2935:32.211:28/M
179468Darlene GoodlingYork PA8 F 60-9954:43.217:39/M
180313Joan GossYork PA3 F 50-5439:10.012:38/M
181275Janon GraySilver Spring MD20 M 40-4437:24.612:04/M
182332Amy GraybillEnola PA21 F 40-4441:27.813:22/M
183539Alyson GrimEast Berlin PA49 F 40-441:00:18.619:27/M
184472Blake GrimEast Berlin PA8 M 1- 954:47.517:40/M
185536Duane GrimEast Berlin PA30 M 40-441:00:18.019:27/M
186535Slade GrimEast Berlin PA12 M 1- 91:00:17.219:27/M
187471Tealy GrimEast Berlin PA13 F 15-1954:46.717:40/M
188470Zane GrimEast Berlin PA16 M 15-1954:45.017:40/M
189497Jim GrimesDover PA12 M 60-9956:13.718:08/M
190456Sandra GrimesDover PA21 F 55-5953:11.517:09/M
191131Stacie GrossMount Wolf PA12 F 30-3430:14.99:45/M
192234Debbie GroveWindsor PA28 F 35-3935:00.811:17/M
193138Jeri-Lyn GroveFelton PA13 F 30-3430:32.59:51/M
194314Mindy GroveFelton PA19 F 40-4439:11.112:38/M
197360Bobby GuiseBiglerville PA7 M 60-9942:47.513:48/M
198361Sue GuiseBiglerville PA2 F 60-9942:47.713:48/M
199457Mary GurnavageYork PA7 F 60-9953:14.917:10/M
200375Ashley HadsallHarrisburg PA45 F 30-3445:17.714:36/M
20141Ben HaganYork PA7 M 10-1425:02.98:05/M
20296Brian HaganYork PA10 M 40-4428:51.89:18/M
20395Laura HaganYork PA5 F 40-4428:51.39:18/M
20432Naomi HaganYork PA2 F 10-1424:24.67:52/M
205148Kevin HakeWrightsville PA7 M 45-4931:10.410:03/M
206284Kari HamiltonHallam PA33 F 30-3437:43.312:10/M
2082Derek HarlocherYork PA2 Top Fin19:15.06:11/M
210372Danielle HedgepethYork PA29 F 40-4444:58.814:30/M
211128Julie HeffnerYork PA11 F 35-3930:10.69:44/M
212439Kelly HeigesYork PA29 F 45-4951:57.716:45/M
21335Gavin HeilmanYork PA8 M 15-1924:37.17:56/M
21436Rich HeilmanYork PA3 M 40-4424:37.77:56/M
215450Tara HeilmanYork PA29 F 25-2952:33.816:57/M
216289Rachel HeintzHarrisburg PA36 F 30-3437:47.812:11/M
217383Martha HeintzelmanArendtsville PA5 F 60-9945:38.514:43/M
21827Brennan HeistYork PA6 M 15-1923:47.07:40/M
21972Michael HeistYork PA3 M 45-4926:55.28:41/M
220467Rachel HellerYork PA32 F 25-2954:37.017:37/M
223426Connie HenshawDallastown PA13 F 50-5450:20.916:14/M
22433Hannah HerrDover PA3 F 10-1424:25.67:53/M
225562Ann Marie HigginsYork PA42 F 25-291:05:09.121:01/M
226563Corey HigginsYork PA11 M 25-291:05:09.421:01/M
227192Teresa HilbertMount Wolf PA18 F 30-3433:00.710:39/M
228274Christopher HivnerDallastown PA4 M 50-5437:23.112:04/M
229100Justin HokeYork PA5 M 35-3929:06.69:23/M
230434Cristi HooverThomasville PA36 F 40-4451:25.416:35/M
231576Tara HooverWindsor PA51 F 40-441:08:07.221:58/M
23234Matthew HornerDover PA1 M 45-4924:34.87:55/M
234510Kerry HospelhornNew Freedom PA64 F 35-3957:27.518:32/M
236327Christina HowettYork PA20 F 40-4440:59.013:13/M
23740Tyler HowettYork PA6 M 10-1425:02.88:05/M
238488Erinn HulleyYork PA60 F 35-3955:32.117:55/M
239541Bea HummerWrightsville PA14 F 60-991:00:40.819:34/M
240310Addison IezziYork PA3 F 1- 938:58.212:34/M
241304Brian IezziYork PA13 M 35-3938:50.012:32/M
242291Carrie IezziYork PA38 F 35-3937:51.712:13/M
244224Bridget JacksonFelton PA14 F 40-4434:25.011:06/M
245577Kent JamesYork PA6 M 50-541:08:43.322:10/M
246264Melita JohnsonHoney Brook PA15 F 25-2936:40.511:50/M
247123Holly JonesEast Berlin PA6 F 25-2930:03.79:42/M
24860Adam JordanYork PA7 M 30-3426:08.68:26/M
249451Jody JoyYork PA38 F 40-4452:34.216:57/M
250566David KauffmanYork PA18 M 45-491:05:21.521:05/M
251170Lucyann KaufholdLandisville PA1 F 1- 931:50.010:16/M
252210Theresa KaufholdLandisville PA25 F 35-3933:47.110:54/M
253519Shannon KaufmanLititz PA38 F 25-2958:01.918:43/M
254267Amy KeaneYork PA34 F 35-3936:43.011:51/M
255268Katelyn KeaneYork PA9 F 10-1436:43.611:51/M
256106Ryan KeaneYork PA10 M 10-1429:21.39:28/M
257142Ryan KeelanYork PA14 M 40-4430:49.49:56/M
25881Sayra KeelanYork PA7 F 30-3427:50.98:59/M
259262Amy KeenerRed Lion PA31 F 30-3436:37.711:49/M
26122Joseph KeeportsYork PA5 M 15-1923:16.27:30/M
26244Michael KeeportsYork PA8 M 10-1425:27.18:13/M
263295Tom KeeportsYork PA21 M 40-4438:17.512:21/M
264324Casey KellerDallastown PA22 F 25-2939:53.212:52/M
265391Gina KellyThomasville PA8 F 50-5446:55.015:08/M
266358Wendy KeppleDover PA21 F 45-4942:47.313:48/M
2674Steve KerzelWestminster MD1 M 50-5419:59.16:27/M
26897Gary KinneerCamp Hill PA2 M 50-5428:53.79:19/M
26992Katrina KinneerCamp Hill PA4 F 40-4428:41.49:15/M
273316Jackie KlingYork PA21 F 25-2939:26.012:43/M
27423Jesse KnoppYork PA3 M 30-3423:23.77:33/M
275293Marian KnoppYork PA19 F 25-2938:12.412:19/M
276175Desiree KnuppThomasville PA4 F 20-2432:07.810:22/M
277337Lisa KnuppThomasville PA5 F 50-5441:35.513:25/M
278229Karen KoehleDuncansville PA9 F 55-5934:45.211:13/M
27925Scott KohrWestminster MD1 M 55-5923:37.77:37/M
28089Emett KollerMechanicsburg PA3 M 25-2928:18.19:08/M
281309Lisa KonopinskiHanover PA43 F 35-3938:55.112:33/M
28213Nathan KoppYork PA1 M 10-1421:48.47:02/M
283159Ron KoppYork PA8 M 45-4931:28.310:09/M
28446Trista KreiderMiddletown PA1 F 30-3425:33.08:15/M
285204Cara KrodelLebanon PA20 F 30-3433:27.510:47/M
286320Della KrodelYork PA4 F 50-5439:34.712:46/M
28762Albert KurtzDover PA1 M 60-9926:10.18:26/M
288250Genna KurtzHanover PA29 F 30-3435:58.011:36/M
289499Julia KurtzDover PA12 F 60-9956:22.518:11/M
290300Ashley KyperManchester PA7 F 20-2438:38.312:28/M
292473Amanda LairdFelton PA33 F 25-2954:50.217:41/M
293475Terri LairdFelton PA23 F 55-5954:54.817:43/M
294321Alaina LandisMechanicsburg PA8 F 20-2439:39.912:47/M
295322Aurora LandisYork PA9 F 20-2439:40.512:48/M
29611Jacob LandisYork PA2 M 15-1921:04.46:48/M
297166Susan LandisColumbia PA4 F 55-5931:38.610:12/M
298403Brooke LasloSpring Grove PA6 F 1- 947:54.015:27/M
299432Julie LauchmanRed Lion PA35 F 40-4450:46.916:23/M
300417Cameron LauerYork PA15 M 15-1949:35.016:00/M
301198Cassandra LauerYork PA6 F 15-1933:17.910:44/M
30265Christian LauerYork PA9 M 15-1926:26.48:32/M
303258Jennie LauerFelton PA15 F 45-4936:08.511:39/M
304418Julie LauerYork PA25 F 45-4949:36.016:00/M
306444Mary LazuskyWellsville PA15 F 50-5452:04.516:48/M
309357Heather LeitzelDover PA27 F 40-4442:46.913:48/M
31045Allyson LentzWrightsville PA1 F 20-2425:28.48:13/M
311441Brittany LentzWrightsville PA28 F 25-2951:58.616:46/M
312461Carol LentzWrightsville PA33 F 45-4953:50.817:22/M
313419Hannah LentzWrightsville PA11 F 15-1949:41.116:02/M
314568Helen LiazisYork PA16 F 60-991:06:50.021:34/M
315273Liz LieuYork PA35 F 35-3937:20.212:03/M
316538Pam LightDenver PA48 F 40-441:00:18.419:27/M
317191Megan LinchYork PA22 F 35-3932:59.710:38/M
318558Joshua LinseyYork PA17 M 45-491:05:03.820:59/M
319529Suellen LinseyYork PA35 F 45-4959:19.019:08/M
320560Dillon LinzYork PA31 M 10-141:05:08.521:01/M
321133Stephanie LinzYork PA4 F 45-4930:17.59:46/M
322573Nick LittleSeven Valleys PA13 M 1- 91:07:49.621:53/M
323546Palmer LockardPalmyra PA14 M 60-991:01:48.019:56/M
324317Amanda LopiccoloSpring Grove PA40 F 30-3439:27.312:44/M
325287Kortni LovelaceYork PA35 F 30-3437:46.012:11/M
326484Hannah LovelessDover PA8 F 1- 955:27.217:53/M
327483Tyler LovelessDover PA29 M 10-1455:26.617:53/M
328330Angie LucasElizabethtown PA12 F 55-5941:27.613:22/M
3296Kevin LufkinParkville MD1 M 25-2920:27.16:36/M
330440Jenna LuskWrightsville PA18 F 10-1451:58.516:46/M
331463Tina LuskWrightsville PA40 F 40-4453:51.317:22/M
332377Joan MacKleyBrogue PA7 F 50-5445:20.314:37/M
333338Celeste MadesonDover PA14 F 55-5941:43.813:27/M
334404Addy MapstoneSpring Grove PA7 F 1- 948:00.715:29/M
335405Renee MapstoneSpring Grove PA49 F 30-3448:00.915:29/M
336115Angelina MarchozziYork PA4 F 15-1929:37.99:33/M
33782Sarah MarkelYork PA4 F 25-2927:57.19:01/M
33864Brianna MarkleDover PA3 F 30-3426:16.58:28/M
339196Brayden MarshHanover PA17 M 10-1433:13.610:43/M
340232Ryan MartinYork PA20 M 10-1434:56.411:16/M
341241Allison MasonLancaster PA30 F 35-3935:15.011:22/M
342107Jerry MathisonYork PA5 M 55-5929:24.79:29/M
343571Karl MatterHalifax PA18 M 60-991:07:29.421:46/M
344570Linda MatterHalifax PA17 F 60-991:07:27.521:45/M
348567Amy McGinnisGettysburg PA43 F 25-291:06:47.321:33/M
3499Kieran McKeeYork PA1 M 15-1920:37.06:39/M
350285Carolyn McMillenWrightsville PA34 F 30-3437:43.712:10/M
35128Donovan MehaffieYork PA7 M 15-1924:03.87:45/M
35215Katie MeierLancaster PA2 Top Fin22:33.07:15/M
353180Tara MetteeDover PA17 F 30-3432:30.010:29/M
356307April MillerYork PA42 F 35-3938:53.412:33/M
357228Carla MillerDover PA2 F 50-5434:34.611:09/M
358124Darren MillerYork PA6 M 45-4930:06.39:43/M
359319Gavin MillerDover PA23 M 10-1439:31.612:45/M
360158Ian MillerDover PA13 M 10-1431:26.410:08/M
36190Jerri MillerDover PA2 F 40-4428:31.39:12/M
362214Jill MillerPerkasie PA1 F 60-9934:01.010:58/M
366318Josh MillerDover PA22 M 40-4439:30.812:45/M
367524Julie MillerYork PA18 F 50-5458:39.718:55/M
368126Karen MillerElizabethtown PA2 F 55-5930:08.49:43/M
369336Karen Miller1 13 F 55-5941:35.413:25/M
370168Nicolle MillerYork PA6 F 45-4931:42.510:14/M
373559Nick MillsYork PA30 M 10-141:05:07.721:00/M
374296Jamie MimnaYoe PA38 F 30-3438:28.312:25/M
375137Christina MoonEmigsville PA14 F 35-3930:24.39:48/M
376177Aleecia MoyerYork PA19 F 35-3932:18.810:25/M
377182Allyson MoyerDover PA20 F 35-3932:32.510:30/M
378135Carrie MullarkeyNew Cumberland PA13 F 35-3930:21.19:47/M
379534Benjamin MullinsYork PA29 M 40-441:00:00.319:21/M
380454Brittany MullinsYork PA31 F 25-2952:43.017:00/M
381452Cindy MullinsYork PA39 F 40-4452:39.716:59/M
382455Emily MullinsYork PA13 F 20-2452:44.217:01/M
383453Jessica MullinsYork PA30 F 25-2952:40.516:59/M
384533Karen MullinsYork PA47 F 40-4459:58.819:21/M
385494Susan MullinsYork PA10 F 60-9955:46.917:59/M
386263Dylan MummertSpring Grove PA3 M 1- 936:40.011:50/M
387265Jennifer MummertSpring Grove PA33 F 35-3936:41.411:50/M
388172Joel MunchelYork PA14 M 30-3432:04.010:21/M
389509Heather MurawskiNottingham MD63 F 35-3957:27.518:32/M
390485Molly MyersDover PA59 F 35-3955:27.617:53/M
391279Rebecca MyersMechanicsburg PA17 F 25-2937:34.012:07/M
393415Conner NafzigerMarietta PA7 M 25-2949:22.315:55/M
394414Samantha NafzigerMarietta PA26 F 25-2949:21.515:55/M
39599Haley NallsYork PA3 F 20-2429:00.19:21/M
396342Julie NaumannYork PA42 F 30-3442:03.213:34/M
397542Christine NemmerYork PA20 F 50-541:00:40.919:34/M
398120Rory NesmithYork PA12 M 40-4429:59.49:40/M
399479Patricia NewlandYork PA9 F 60-9955:12.117:48/M
400480Raymond NewlandYork PA11 M 60-9955:12.217:48/M
40110Matthew NewmanYork PA2 M 40-4420:52.36:44/M
402378Shirley NewmanDover PA4 F 60-9945:24.614:39/M
403334Lisa NislyRed Lion PA22 F 40-4441:31.213:24/M
404335Randal NislyRed Lion PA23 M 40-4441:31.613:24/M
405398Lauren NolanYork PA47 F 30-3447:28.715:19/M
406416Heather OberdickYork PA33 F 40-4449:32.215:59/M
407433Tom Oberdick JrYork PA15 M 45-4951:24.916:35/M
40876Benjamin OgleEast Berlin PA9 M 10-1427:28.48:52/M
409130Kimberly OgleEast Berlin PA12 F 35-3930:11.79:44/M
410171Grant OsterlundLewisberry PA15 M 10-1431:57.410:18/M
411103Scott OttSpring Grove PA4 M 55-5929:16.49:26/M
41247Monica PadgettManchester PA1 F 25-2925:41.18:17/M
413101Kimberly PanasuckDillsburg PA6 F 35-3929:07.99:24/M
414294Courtney ParkerYork PA37 F 30-3438:15.812:20/M
415400Andrew PcolaYork PA10 M 60-9947:34.815:21/M
416401Diane PcolaSaint Michael PA6 F 60-9947:35.515:21/M
417399Elyse PcolaSaint Michael PA48 F 30-3447:29.415:19/M
418464Laura PenchanskyMarietta PA57 F 35-3954:02.717:26/M
419557Gale PetersCarlisle PA15 F 60-991:04:51.820:55/M
420569Mike PetersCarlisle PA17 M 60-991:07:27.021:45/M
42139Sam PiazzaWestminster MD2 M 55-5925:00.08:04/M
422477Christi PolandHanover PA58 F 35-3955:03.117:45/M
423239Stephanie PredkoDover PA29 F 35-3935:11.311:21/M
424388Amanda PresselEast Berlin PA30 F 40-4446:12.414:54/M
425387Mikayla PresselEast Berlin PA14 F 10-1446:06.614:52/M
427526Melinda PrussColumbia MD46 F 40-4458:50.718:59/M
428195Robyn RandallYork PA23 F 35-3933:13.510:43/M
429449Danielle RaynesYork PA52 F 30-3452:33.116:57/M
430527Nicole ReamMount Wolf PA66 F 35-3959:10.819:05/M
431266Tina ReddingManchester PA16 F 40-4436:42.011:50/M
432186Barbara ReedYork PA6 F 55-5932:39.710:32/M
433179Lynn ReedMechanicsburg PA5 F 55-5932:22.210:26/M
434545Krystal ReeseManchester PA40 F 25-291:01:23.619:48/M
435394Pamela ReindollarYork PA18 F 55-5947:11.715:13/M
436143Katie RexrothRed Lion PA7 F 25-2930:57.29:59/M
437492Jessica RhodesYork PA34 F 25-2955:41.617:58/M
438550Kaitlyn RhodesDover PA41 F 25-291:01:59.320:00/M
439548Michael RhodesDover PA17 M 30-341:01:58.919:59/M
440459Sara RichardsDillsburg PA19 F 10-1453:41.417:19/M
441429Lyndsay RiedelYork PA12 F 20-2450:25.116:16/M
442430Terri RiedelYork PA14 F 50-5450:25.316:16/M
443183Theresa RiedelDallastown PA21 F 35-3932:36.310:31/M
444280Cory RieseRed Lion PA11 M 35-3937:36.712:08/M
445359Melissa RobbinsDover PA22 F 45-4942:47.513:48/M
446486Angela RobitailleNew Freedom PA54 F 30-3455:31.717:55/M
447149Leah RodgersDover PA16 F 35-3931:11.810:04/M
448402David RoeDallastown PA5 M 50-5447:47.515:25/M
449329Deann RoeDallastown PA19 F 45-4941:23.913:21/M
451105Ryan RohrbaughHanover PA10 M 30-3429:19.89:27/M
452448Patricia RollinsHarrisburg PA55 F 35-3952:20.216:53/M
453447Tracie RollinsHarrisburg PA37 F 40-4452:19.416:53/M
454420Ann RoppYork PA20 F 55-5949:42.716:02/M
455221Lori RothNew Oxford PA13 F 40-4434:20.311:05/M
456333Ethan RowerYork PA24 M 10-1441:29.413:23/M
457356Jessica RowerYork PA46 F 35-3942:46.413:48/M
458421Larry RowerYork PA16 M 35-3949:46.616:03/M
459422Sophie RowerYork PA15 F 10-1449:48.416:04/M
460269Austin RubioYork PA13 M 15-1936:45.111:51/M
461493Michelle RubioYork PA42 F 40-4455:42.217:58/M
462206Redentor RubioYork PA11 M 45-4933:39.810:51/M
463350Abby RunkDover PA26 F 40-4442:35.813:44/M
465146Marc RyanYork PA6 M 55-5931:04.410:01/M
467271Paige SacripontYork PA16 F 25-2937:13.012:00/M
46820Emma SagerYork PA1 F 10-1423:10.17:28/M
46914Noah SandersonYork PA4 M 15-1922:22.47:13/M
470113Christi SansoneHarrisburg PA10 F 30-3429:34.89:32/M
471355Deserie SayreMechanicsburg PA43 F 30-3442:45.613:47/M
472160Jesse SayreMechanicsburg PA13 M 30-3431:28.510:09/M
473256Miranda SchellHummelstown PA32 F 35-3936:05.711:38/M
474393Jeanette SchmidtYork PA9 F 50-5447:11.415:13/M
475165Kristyn SchnurSeven Valleys PA10 F 25-2931:36.510:12/M
476236Alison SchriverEast Berlin PA15 F 40-4435:05.811:19/M
477246Jenn SchwambMechanicsburg PA27 F 30-3435:31.811:27/M
478543Marie SeagerDover PA21 F 50-541:00:41.019:35/M
47975Troy SenftMount Wolf PA2 M 60-9927:17.78:48/M
480151Stephanie SetoHarrisburg PA8 F 25-2931:14.610:05/M
48183Kristina ShafferYork PA1 F 40-4427:57.99:01/M
48293Teresa ShannonYork PA8 F 30-3428:43.29:16/M
483102Christinejo SheafferMechanicsburg PA2 F 45-4929:10.09:25/M
484125Thomas SheafferMechanicsburg PA13 M 40-4430:06.49:43/M
48598Matthew ShefferYork PA4 M 60-9928:53.89:19/M
486109Lisa ShellyYork PA3 F 45-4929:25.19:29/M
487254Emily ShieldMechanicsburg PA30 F 30-3436:01.911:37/M
488189Jackson ShieldMechanicsburg PA16 M 10-1432:56.110:37/M
48967Evan ShueyYork PA3 M 35-3926:47.28:38/M
490270Jami SilarWrightsville PA17 F 40-4436:48.211:52/M
491121Ethan SilvermanYork PA11 M 15-1930:02.69:41/M
492551Donnie SimmonsYork PA16 M 60-991:02:00.120:00/M
493154Amy SindlingerRed Lion PA3 F 55-5931:20.510:06/M
49486Tom SindlingerRed Lion PA3 M 55-5928:10.19:05/M
497235Jaime SmetanaYork PA24 F 30-3435:04.211:19/M
498574Bonnie SmithYork PA18 F 60-991:07:57.821:55/M
499503Debra SmithMount Wolf PA43 F 40-4457:24.118:31/M
500462Jessica SmithYork PA56 F 35-3953:50.917:22/M
501111John SmithEtters PA11 M 40-4429:31.89:31/M
502212Kristin SmithHanover PA26 F 35-3933:59.810:58/M
503575Lora SmithYork PA39 F 45-491:08:06.121:58/M
504173Mike SmithManchester PA5 M 25-2932:05.910:21/M
50518Nate SmithColumbia PA2 M 30-3422:45.47:20/M
506409Renee SmithWrightsville PA50 F 30-3448:37.315:41/M
50724Seth SmithYork Springs PA4 M 30-3423:33.27:36/M
508495Sharon SmithNew Oxford PA11 F 60-9955:47.918:00/M
50952Troy SmithYork PA2 M 45-4925:47.78:19/M
510554Amiya Smith-MichaelWrightsville PA24 F 10-141:03:24.820:27/M
511184Valerie SmyderYork Haven PA9 F 40-4432:36.410:31/M
51280Becky SnyderDillsburgdillsburg PA3 F 35-3927:47.78:58/M
513476Crystal SnyderFelton PA34 F 45-4955:00.617:45/M
514220Jan SnyderYork PA11 F 45-4934:13.411:02/M
515424Kennedy SnyderYork PA16 F 10-1450:09.716:11/M
516474Meghan SnyderFelton PA14 F 20-2454:52.517:42/M
517423Nickolas SnyderYork PA27 M 10-1450:07.716:10/M
518425Tracy SnyderYork PA26 F 45-4950:09.916:11/M
519553Gwenn Solito JamesYork PA25 F 55-591:03:15.820:24/M
52019Zachary SowersYork PA3 M 10-1423:08.77:28/M
522301Allison SpikerYork PA39 F 35-3938:48.912:31/M
523367Autumn StambaughNew Oxford PA44 F 30-3444:03.814:13/M
524407Nancy StambaughYork PA12 F 50-5448:25.315:37/M
525252Tiffany StambaughDover PA14 F 25-2935:58.911:36/M
52688Melissa SternerYork PA1 F 45-4928:13.39:06/M
527389William SternerYork PA9 M 60-9946:35.715:02/M
52861Tasha StevensSpring Grove PA2 F 20-2426:10.18:26/M
529278Elizabeth StevensonNew Cumberland PA36 F 35-3937:30.012:06/M
53016Brock StitleyYork PA2 M 10-1422:36.97:17/M
531306Nichole StockerYork PA41 F 35-3938:53.312:33/M
532114Joseph StoppardYork PA3 M 50-5429:35.59:33/M
534478Kady StormHanover PA53 F 30-3455:06.917:46/M
5355Steven StormHanover PA1 M 30-3420:22.06:34/M
536339Amanda StoughFawn Grove PA23 F 40-4441:49.113:29/M
537341Alli StoverYork PA44 F 35-3941:53.013:31/M
538343Emily StoverYork PA5 F 1- 942:10.613:36/M
539340Hannah StoverYork PA12 F 10-1441:51.813:30/M
54030Jacob StratfordYork PA5 M 10-1424:13.87:49/M
541119Jason StratfordYork PA6 M 35-3929:59.19:40/M
54368Lindsay StrausbaughDover PA5 F 30-3426:50.38:39/M
544139Stacy StrausbaughMc Sherrystown PA14 F 30-3430:36.99:52/M
54659Zach StrausbaughDover PA2 M 35-3926:07.08:25/M
547502Alexis StuberFelton PA62 F 35-3957:22.418:30/M
548216Michele StumSteelton PA21 F 30-3434:04.310:59/M
549150Sydney StumpSpring Grove PA5 F 15-1931:13.310:04/M
550136Nicholas StumpfColumbia PA12 M 30-3430:21.39:47/M
551518Megan SulewskiLititz PA65 F 35-3958:01.418:43/M
55226Emily SweitzerYork PA1 F 15-1923:41.27:38/M
553253Wesley SweitzerYork PA1 M 1- 936:01.811:37/M
554261William SweitzerYork PA19 M 40-4436:12.711:41/M
555190Marbie TarburtonYork PA8 F 45-4932:56.410:37/M
556260Lawrence TedescoYork PA10 M 35-3936:11.811:40/M
557259Nathan TedescoYork PA2 M 1- 936:11.211:40/M
558469Beth ThomasCarlisle PA22 F 55-5954:44.217:39/M
560209Denise ThompsonYork PA7 F 55-5933:45.910:53/M
561552Holly TiceYork PA68 F 35-391:02:35.120:11/M
562512Barbara TomaszewskiHarrisburg PA45 F 40-4457:35.118:35/M
563501Michael TomaszewskiHarrisburg PA26 M 40-4457:05.218:25/M
564272Jessica TonerMount Wolf PA32 F 30-3437:13.912:00/M
566227Angela TysonYork PA13 F 45-4934:33.411:09/M
567187Heidi TysonRed Lion PA10 F 40-4432:50.810:35/M
568385Sabrina ValenteHanover PA46 F 30-3445:45.214:45/M
569406Bonnie VanbourgondieYork PA19 F 55-5948:06.215:31/M
570288Sergio VelazquezHarrisburg PA12 M 35-3937:47.112:11/M
57121Jaydon VuYork PA4 M 10-1423:15.27:30/M
57250Michelle VuYork PA3 F 15-1925:44.88:18/M
57355Nick VuYork PA7 M 40-4425:51.28:20/M
574110Molly WalbrownShrewsbury PA9 F 35-3929:30.79:31/M
575413Sherrie WalkerJacobus PA32 F 40-4449:20.015:55/M
57670Derrick WalletSpring Grove PA8 M 30-3426:54.38:41/M
577431Amy WaltemyerAirville PA34 F 40-4450:45.716:22/M
57887Kacie WattsManchester MD5 F 35-3928:11.79:05/M
580392Valerie WebbYork PA17 F 55-5946:55.915:08/M
581369Allyson WeitkampYork PA49 F 35-3944:11.814:15/M
582242Cary WeitkampYork PA12 M 45-4935:17.211:23/M
584395Karen WendlingYork PA10 F 50-5447:16.415:15/M
585364Kaleb WestoverYork PA26 M 10-1443:36.614:04/M
586408Laura WestoverYork PA53 F 35-3948:34.315:40/M
587108Tonya WillYork PA8 F 35-3929:25.09:29/M
588207Kayla WilldersManchester PA5 F 20-2433:40.510:52/M
590331Hillary WilliamsDuncannon PA41 F 30-3441:27.713:22/M
591145Terry WilliamsRed Lion PA15 M 40-4430:58.49:59/M
592174Jeff WinekaYork PA9 M 45-4932:07.610:22/M
593428Holly WiseYork PA28 F 45-4950:24.216:15/M
594238Jessica WishardDover PA26 F 30-3435:08.111:20/M
595249Ashley WitmerDover PA28 F 30-3435:48.311:33/M
59657Laura WitmerDover PA3 F 25-2925:59.98:23/M
597248Lea WitmerDover PA10 F 55-5935:47.911:33/M
598231Connor WivaggYork PA19 M 10-1434:55.111:16/M
599397Johna WokulichYork PA52 F 35-3947:20.515:16/M
60149Tim WolfordHarrisburg PA6 M 40-4425:42.48:17/M
602230Kathryn WoodwardRandallstown MD13 F 25-2934:48.411:14/M
603412Rachael WorkingerDover PA54 F 35-3949:19.915:55/M
604129Ashley WrightWindsor PA11 F 30-3430:10.99:44/M
605384Will WydockProspect Park PA15 M 35-3945:44.514:45/M
606127Bradyn YergesDover PA11 M 10-1430:10.19:44/M
607277Gracie YergesDover PA10 F 10-1437:27.012:05/M
608290Jennifer YergesDover PA37 F 35-3937:48.012:12/M
60943Kenneth YergesDover PA5 M 40-4425:23.08:11/M
61071Alyssa YoungYork PA6 F 30-3426:55.08:41/M
61179Chris YoungYork PA9 M 40-4427:36.98:54/M
612351Jennifer YoungColumbia PA20 F 45-4942:37.813:45/M
61366Melanie ZeisetTerre Hill PA4 F 30-3426:34.18:34/M
614132Jami ZelgerRed Lion PA6 F 40-4430:16.29:46/M
615537Sandy ZimmermanMount Joy PA36 F 45-491:00:18.319:27/M
61691Jaime ZinnYork PA3 F 40-4428:33.99:13/M
61758Beth ZirkleElizabethtown PA2 F 30-3426:05.18:25/M
618371Randy ZmolekYork PA8 M 60-9944:51.514:28/M
619370Sarah ZmolekYork PA24 F 25-2944:46.114:26/M
62073Brad BishopLewisberry PA4 M 35-3926:59.18:42/M
621199Hannah BishopLewisberry PA7 F 10-1433:19.010:45/M
622299Annabel BriceDover PA2 F 1- 938:32.612:26/M
623298Kayla BriceDover PA20 F 25-2938:31.912:25/M
62448Ryan BriceDover PA6 M 30-3425:41.78:17/M
625255Kevin CrossYork PA6 M 60-9936:04.411:38/M
626203Christy GladfelterDallastown PA11 F 40-4433:26.710:47/M
627134Andrea SmithYork PA5 F 45-4930:19.39:47/M
628200Kristy WaidLewisberry PA9 F 45-4933:19.210:45/M
629147Rick FondaYork PA7 M 55-5931:04.610:01/M
63031Holly HoltzingerYork PA1 F 35-3924:23.97:52/M
633308Savannah Spiker 11 F 10-1438:53.512:33/M
634286Mackenzie Jenkins 9 F 15-1937:43.812:10/M
635498Linda Stump 16 F 50-5456:21.618:11/M
636354Erica Vendetti 23 F 25-2942:45.413:47/M
637516Susan Fissel 17 F 50-5457:55.718:41/M
638118Erin Dull 10 F 35-3929:47.49:36/M
639144Rebecca Daiber 16 F 30-3430:57.49:59/M
640116Anthony Delgado 11 M 30-3429:43.79:35/M
641460Ronda Richard 32 F 45-4953:41.717:19/M
642481Josiah Richards 17 M 15-1955:13.317:49/M
6431Christopher Martin 1 Top Fin18:54.46:05/M
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